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Harness powerful computational resources and software without expensive in-house infrastructure - cost savings. KostaCLOUD enables users to access simulations from anywhere in the world, in real-time, creating a game changer in collaboration of opto-mechanical designs. Cloud technology provides a solution which lifts the limitations of individual desktop performance and speeds up the entire design process. We are leading the technology space in optical design, merging optics and photonics thinking into a single workflow.


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5.1.24 — KostaCLOUD Beta Release

Improved WaveTracing speed by 12x Improved Non-sequential trace speed by 2x Added Plot reset button for resizing back to default view (shown in video) Added Plot axis minor ticks (shown in video) Added ...



3.26.24 — KostaCLOUD Beta Release

Improved Optimization performance by 20x Improved performance of Lens Table by 100x Improved performance of loading 3D representations by 20x Improved performance of ray trace setup overhead by 20% ...



12.17.23 — KostaCLOUD Beta Release

Improved Optimization UI/UX Added calculation assistant Made editable tables more interactive Added Lens Outlines Added Data tables for any plot



10.22.23 — KostaCLOUD Beta Release

Improvements to data representations and UI/UX. Analysis Added MultiPlot synchronization ability Improved Multiconfiguration setup Improved Update speeds, Autoaxis and scaling labels Added Optical Axis, ...



8.17.23 — KostaCLOUD Beta Release

Various UI/UX improvements have been implemented as requested by our internal beta testers. Added Dark Mode. Analysis We added QuickDash technology to make it so that at a glance you can see all of the ...