Optics & Photonics Design
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21st Century Optics + Photonics Design - Optivate

Design Coupled Integrated Optics and Photonics

Seamless Data Integration across multiple optical domains - simplifying your workflow.

KostaCLOUD is its own cloud provider and leverages the power of cloud computing, which presents a vast amount of computational resources and technological tools, to create, modify, and test optical designs in an efficient and effective manner. With this approach, optical designers are provided with a flexible platform where they can conveniently access and manage their projects.

Designers are freed from the confines of a local workstation, thus enabling them to work anywhere and at any time as long as they have internet access. KostaCLOUD allows for simultaneous collaboration among a team of designers and engineers - making the industry's first unified workflow, multi-disciplinarycollaborative Optical Design Platform. Users can share their design ideas and findings, obtain and build upon the insights of others, and collectively contribute to the development of innovative solutions.

Furthermore, KostaCLOUD optimizes the process of optical design by eliminating the limitations of traditional methods. Cloud computing promises higher computational speed, better data security, latest simulation technology, adaptive AI optimization methods, and real-time data analysis.

Consequently, with KostaCLOUD, businesses can enjoy a significant reduction in costsincreased productivity, advanced innovation, and improved decision-making. This makes KostaCLOUD an indispensable tool in the modern field of optical design.

Multi-Physics Material Library with Ai Search.

KostaCLOUD's advanced Material library contains thousands of materials which allow for accurate modeling of various Optical, Thermal, Mechanical, and Electronic Properties.

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Optimize with up to 1000s CPUs.

Making Design Optimization simpler than ever before with advanced Global and Local Optimization algorithms. Use KostaCLOUD's High Performance Compute (HPC) to accelerate your optimization of complex designs.

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Optical + Photonic Applications

Telescope Image

Imaging Optics

Smart Phone

Car With Lights Image

Automotive Optics
Coming 2024


Light Bulb Image

Illumination Optics
Coming 2024

Wall Washes
Light Pipes

Meta Optics Image

Meta Optics
Coming 2024

Polarization Multiplexing
Color correction

Waveguide Ring Resonator Image

Photonic Integrated Circuits
Coming 2025

Bragg Gratings
Active Devices

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