In 2018 Simon Tsaoussis and Hossein Alisafaee developed a free, online toolbox for generating gradient optics dynamic linked library (GODLL) files representing an arbitrary, user-defined gradient index profile for use with Zemax OpticStudio. In 2019 & 2020, we demonstrated several Gradient Index lenses such as Maxwells Fisheye Lens, Luneberg Lens, and a SELFOC lens.

Currently the GODLL website is no longer available as the KostaCLOUD GRIN Optics engine supersedes the functionality of GODLL. The KostaCLOUD GRIN engine takes advantage of more advanced computer based algebra technology, where coordinate systems and dependent variables can directly and quickly be added directly into a system. This GRIN engine has been made available as a part of KostaCLOUD and can be accessed directly through the Optical Element's Material, "Is GRIN" checkbox.

 Examples to come soon to this page!