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Optical Design, Lens Design, Illumination Design
in the CLOUD

KostaCLOUD is a CLOUD based Optical Design tool which allows users to intuitively design optical systems with minimal overhead and waiting.

KostaCLOUD offers superior Global Optimization tools and High Performance Computing (HPC) to optimize faster and search more of the Global solution space to find previously impossible designs.

Accurately Trace Billions of Rays per second with KostaCLOUD, and even optimize multi-million ray Illumination designs.

Here at KostaCLOUD we are excited to start working with Optical Designers to push the next wave of Cloud Computing in the Optics Industry - No Install needed!

Why KostaCLOUD?

KostaCLOUD is the first Cloud Based Optical Design and simulation tool.

Never before has the Optical design industry seen an Optical Design tool which allows for optical-mechanical collaboration in real-time with mechanical design tools, eliminating files, and maintaining active version control.

Trace up to billions of ray segments per second! And use High Performance Computing (HPC) to run coherent analysis.

Optimize using the industry's first fully parametric optical design tool with the industry's first equation based Merit Function editor - Reducing optimization computation time on the order of ten-fold.

Compatible on any Operating system which supports the latest version of Chrome, Safari, Edge, or Firefox. Use MacOSWindowsLinuxChromeOS, or even Raspberry PI OS!


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